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Gym Aesthetics | 'HiTense' Compression Men Short Leggings

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HK$305.15 Regular Price HK$359.00
GA 'HiTense" Men's compression shorts leggings combines the unique 6-in-1 function in just one product - UV sun protection, anti-static, moisture regulation, quick dry, comfort and anti-bacterial function
The Gym Aesthetics "HiTense" collection has finally arrived! The HiTense compression pants is the kind of tights you've been looking for. Through the compression you're now able to pursue your goals in high intensity sports without suffering from common problems. Experience optimized blood flow, reduced muscle vibration and optimized mind-muscle-connection due to the tight fit as well as natural freedom of movement and more. The fabric of the pants is sweat absorbing and doesn't keep any kind of bacteria or bad smells, so that you can fully focus on your training and enjoy it. Our Model is 1.93m tall and is wearing size L.