Two Workout Methods for Kettlebell Swing

Train your kettlebell swings with these two highly effective methods.

Two Workout Methods for Kettlebell Swing

Equipment needed:

Two Workout Methods for Kettlebell Swing

Two Workout Methods for Kettlebell Swing

20:20 Intervals

Swings are primarily done for strength endurance/stamina purposes. Once you get the technique down start performing intervals

20:20 = 20 seconds on 20 seconds off

Do as many rounds as you can in good form. During the “On” phase, I often suggest if your form is going off due to fatigue simply set the kettlebell down and wait for the next round. Do not push forward in this situation.

As you get better, start doing 30:30

Option 2

Two Workout Methods for Kettlebell Swing

Power Training: 10X3-5 60 Seconds rest in between sets

For those that want to develop more power, use a heavier weight and go back to the 10X3-5 (10 sets of 3-5 reps), this will appear to be the same as the “Initial Practice” as described above.

The key here is, instead of swinging something that you feel is extremely heavy, only pick a kettlebell one size up from what you do with your intervals.

If you use a 24kg Kettlebell for your intervals, go with a 28kg or a 32kg with the power training.

The slight increase in weight may not feel very heavy if it's close to a kettlebell you have been doing intervals with, and since the reps aren't high, it won’t feel like you are doing much, this does not matter. The moderate load pushed with maximum power besides being safer with a relatively lighter load, it also allows the kettlebell to move even faster.

What you want to do here is to snap the hips as aggressively as you can under control.

The maximum force you are applying in return will create the power training effect.

You want to put out as much force as possible, take a break and repeat the effort again, this teaches your body to generate the maximum amount of force.