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    女裝藍綠色高腰壓縮支撐性緊身褲 | Gym Aesthetics

    • 壓力物料
    • 防紫外線
    • 吸濕速乾
    • 快速回復
    • 增加血液循環
    • 支撐核心肌群
    • 修身剪裁
    • 吸濕排汗布料,有助帶來乾爽舒適
    • 高強度壓力功能
    • 適合訓練等運動
    • 面料柔軟,帶來舒適的穿著體驗
    • 剪裁緊貼身型
    • 突出的反光品牌徽標
    • 高腰風格
    • 68%尼龍
    • 32%的萊卡
    • 身高: 1,74 米
    • 體重: 54 公斤
    • 穿著尺寸: XS

    Gym Aesthetics developed the performance driven "supportive compression" leggings with cutting edge technology to enhance the balance and coordination of your activities. Compression leggings can tighten your body shape to increase muscle stability to prevent injuries. Also Provide Muscle Stability and your muscular duration increase blood circulation to allow you to recover faster after exercise with less muscle soreness. The supportive compression leggings also provide zoned support for 4 core muscle groups to carry out the ideal performance of your workout. Highly stretchable compression leggings provide you better performance and movements of your body. The cutting-edge double compression technological fabric is highly stretchable which makes your body figure look Three-dimensional. The GA high-tech compression fabric provide with anti UV protection and Moisture wicking, warm up your body and make your body look better. The Gym Aesthetics supportive leggings will bring out the human body aesthetics with balance supporting, multiple muscle group supporting, Muscle stability supporting and the naturally perfect body curve line. GA compression leggings, perfect fit for your healthy sporting lifestyle. Our model is 1,70 m and wears size S.

    The High-Waist "Supportive Compression" Leggings is the perfect leggings to raise your performance in the gym! The 6-in-1 compression function enables you to avoid the problems of high-intensity sports. Experience improved blood circulation thanks to the compression fabric, reduced muscle vibration due to the tight fit, optimized mind-muscle connection, natural freedom of movement and more. As a special design feature, there is a special inlay on the leggings, which comes in leather look and thus makes the leggings a must-have for your wardrobe! The fabric of the pants is sweat-absorbing and does not store bacteria or odors, so you can fully concentrate on your training. Experience a workout like never before!

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