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    女裝軍藍色力量肌肉Y型後背背心 | Gym Aesthetics

    $201.75 定期的價格 $269.00
    • 手感舒適
    • 吸濕速乾
    • 棉感
    • 常規合身剪裁
    • 連帽款式
    • 面料彈性拉伸結構,加強運動靈活性
    • 適合戶外等運動
    • 前幅提花標誌
    • 提花圖案有助於顯露出肌肉線條
    • 袋鼠口袋設計
    • 51%棉
    • 49%尼龍
    • 身高: 1,82 米
    • 體重: 88 公斤
    • 穿著尺寸: M
    The Gym Aesthetics 'powerful' collection has arrived! Thanks to the 4-in-1 function of the new 'powerful' collection there are no more excuses for sports! The 4-in-1 function combines UV protection, anti-static, moisture regulation and anti-bacterial function. The special UV sun protection function offers perfect protection against skin damaging UVA and UVB rays (40+). This function was developed especially for your outdoor workout. The anti-static function ensures your comfort during the whole workout. It prevents any form of mechanical friction and avoids therefore an electric charge between the fabric and your skin. Unpleasant itching is now a thing of the past. Absolute sweat absorption, fast drying and an annoying odor formation is prevented by the new moisture regulation function. Integrated ventilation slits ensure excellent ventilation and a feeling of dryness throughout the entire workout. Also the anti-bacterial function supports your feeling of well-being during your workout. The anti-bacterial function provides above all for your protection against negative environmental influences. With its special microfiber technology, it offers a defensive function against bacteria. This kills unwanted germs in no time and bacterial organisms have no chance! Test our progressive 'powerful' collection and break through your sporting limits!
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