Arthritis of the knee is a common joint disorder that usually occurs in middle-aged and elderly people. Knee arthritis is caused by wear and tear and degeneration of the cartilage in the knee joints, which in turn leads to joint pain, stiffness and dysfunction. Below is a detailed list of common problems associated with knee arthritis:

Symptoms of knee arthritis
Symptoms of knee arthritis usually include joint pain, stiffness and swelling. When the condition is severe, patients may experience pain and stiffness in the joints, resulting in limitations in walking and daily activities. In addition, arthritis in the knee may also affect balance and stability, increasing the risk of falls and injuries.

Causes of knee arthritis
The main cause of knee arthritis is the wear and tear and deterioration of the joint cartilage, which leads to pain and stiffness in the joint. Knee arthritis can also be related to age, genetics, obesity, sports injuries and prolonged repetitive use of the knee.

Diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis
If you suspect that you have arthritis of the knee, you can confirm the diagnosis with a thorough physical examination and medical history with your doctor. In addition, your doctor may perform X-rays, MRIs, joint fluid sampling, and other tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment of Knee Arthritis
Treatment for arthritis of the knee includes both non-surgical and surgical treatments. Non-surgical treatments include physiotherapy, knee braces, medication and weight loss, which can reduce pain and ease the condition. Surgical treatments include arthroscopic surgery, full knee replacement, etc. These treatments can repair the structure of the joint and relieve pain.

Prevention of knee arthritis
Prevention of knee osteoarthritis includes avoiding overuse of the knee, maintaining proper weight, exercising to strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the joints, and using proper footwear. In addition, regular medical check-ups and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also reduce the risk of developing knee osteoarthritis.

In conclusion, knee osteoarthritis is a common joint disorder that adversely affects a patient's quality of life. Patients need to seek timely diagnosis and treatment, and take appropriate measures to reduce pain and alleviate the condition. At the same time, proper prevention can help reduce the risk of knee arthritis and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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