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Who We Are?
GYM AESTHETICS is a fashionable and dynamic German fitness apparel brand which appeals to both the aesthetics and functional needs of its customers worldwide. GYM AESTHETICS is more than a sports fashion, it is always about lifestyle - a sporty attitude to life that feeds off fighting spirit, discipline, health, pride, self-presentation and a sense of belonging.

Since its inception in June 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany, GYM AESTHETICS has been growing from strength to strength.

Throughout the years, GYM AESTHETICS is grateful and indebted to its dedicated staff, loyal customers, and famous business allies like Zazz, Ben Sattinger, Mario Schafzahl, Youssef Kharoubi, Tim Gabel, Marie Steffen, Larissa Reis, Sergi Constance etc. for their unfailing support in making who we are now. A big Thank You to you all.



GYM AESTHETICS was the brainchild of two Bosch engineers, Phil and Aleks, serving the automobile industry and two professional Youtubers and athletes, Karl and Ralf. Its initial flashy wide stringers and short, thigh hugging shorts stormed the German bodybuilding community with enormous success, and achieved cult status shortly. By December 2014, GYM AESTHETICS attracted over 111,000 Facebook fans and got over 113,000 YouTube views.

Year 2017 marked a new chapter for GYM AESTHETICS when an Asian fund company spotted its potential and invested in the German brand to further reinforce its brand image, expand its product range and market share globally. The headquarters was subsequently relocated to Hong Kong, with branches in Stuggart, Germany and Beijing, China.

Currently, GYM AESTHETICS is proactively embracing omni-channel marketing and retailing, and is making impressive strides in its globalization strategy.


Our MISSION remains unchanged on the path of globalization, while focusing increasingly on innovative high-tech materials and designs to satisfy savvy customers. Going forward, we at GYM AESTHETICS strive to be the best of the best and channel our efforts in identifying any unmet market demands.

The wholesome company culture has been driving GYM AESTHETICS to relentlessly innovate and perfect our offers to the total satisfaction of our customers in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, comfortability, durability, and most important of all, value-for-money.

Our VISION is not only to become a sports fashion brand to be reckoned with, but also a synonym for complete fitness encompassing apparel, accessories for men and ladies, and an international network of reputable trainers offering online and offline training and coaching. In essence, GYMAESTHETICS is pioneering a breakthrough fitness management model aka the “Full Fitness Interactive Platform” enabling fitness ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYONE and ANYWAY (4AS).

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