How Many NBA Teams Are There?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the premier professional basketball league in North America, featuring 30 teams in total. The league is divided into two conferences: the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Each conference has 15 teams, with 14 teams in each conference being permanent members and one team being a wild card that rotates between the two conferences.

The 30 teams in the NBA are:

- Eastern Conference:
- Atlanta Hawks
- Boston Celtics
- Brooklyn Nets
- Charlotte Hornets
- Chicago Bulls
- Cleveland Cavaliers
- Detroit Pistons
- Indiana Pacers
- Miami Heat
- Milwaukee Bucks
- New York Knicks
- Orlando Magic
- Philadelphia 76ers
- Toronto Raptors
- Washington Wizards

- Western Conference:
- Denver Nuggets
- Golden State Warriors
- Houston Rockets
- Los Angeles Clippers
- Los Angeles Lakers
- Memphis Grizzlies
- Minnesota Timberwolves
- New Orleans Pelicans
- Oklahoma City Thunder
- Phoenix Suns
- Portland Trail Blazers
- Sacramento Kings
- San Antonio Spurs
- Utah Jazz
- Wild Card:
- Dallas Mavericks (2023-2024)
- New Orleans Pelicans (2024-2025)
- Sacramento Kings (2025-2026)

The NBA is a highly competitive league, with each team striving to make it to the playoffs and ultimately, to win the NBA Championship. The league's expansion and contraction over the years have led to the current 30-team setup, which provides a balanced and exciting competition for fans.