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今年是Gym Aesthetics首次作為官方服裝贊助商身份參與香港網球總會及Corporate Patron League #霍英東盃網球團體邀請賽 。GA與網總及聯盟擁有共同願景,我們期望通過比賽幫助企業和組織增強員工的團隊精神,促進工作與生活的健康平衡。同時, 推廣體育文化和加強 #網球 在企業界的地位,並將盈餘資金捐贈給網總的球員發展計劃,以資助香港最有前途的年輕網球運動員。

This is the first year for Gym Aesthetics to participate in the Hong Kong Tennis Association and the Corporate Patron League as an official apparel. It demonstrates our common vision with the HKTA and the league, to supporting many companies and organizations strengthen their team spirit and promote a healthy work-life balance through the competition. At the same time, to promote sports culture and strengthen the status of #tennis in the corporate world, and donate the surplus funds to the HKTA's Player Development Program to fund the most promising young tennis players in Hong Kong .