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Anti-bacteria & odour function | Gym Aesthetics

Anti-bacteria & odour

Wicking function | Gym Aesthetics


UV Blocking function | Gym Aesthetics

UV Blocking

Anti-static function | Gym Aesthetics


GYM AESTHETICS is one of the top sports items manufacturers in the field of bodybuilding & fitness clothing.

Sportswear ranges from men's shirts and shorts to women's leggings, so there's something for everyone. The focus of the brand is fitness sports. In addition to shirts and pants, there are also accessories for fitness training. Each Gym Aesthetics shirt stands for functionality and the feeling of being a winner. Men and women will find the right sports products for every need.

The brand's original idea is that you do sports to feel good afterwards. However, you do not feel really good when the worn shirt is soaking wet or you can not take off the leggings because of the wet. So the idea came to functional shirts and pants that should solve these problems.

The range of products now extends beyond the fitness area and continues to emphasise function, so there is almost no shirt, shorts, pants or leggings that do not come with a special feature. So GYM AESTHETICS is battling the rock stars of the functional clothing scene!