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HKLA is committed to promoting lacrosse, a sport that focuses on strength, speed and exercise.
Its sportsmanship is very consistent with GA's purpose of breaking through its own limits.
Therefore, while GA sponsors HKLA sportswear, it also becomes a new platform to promote lacrosse and become a mutually beneficial partner.

Sportswear is an athlete's second skin. The fierce lacrosse game has promoted GA's continuous progress and innovation in clothing design, Let athletes play better and achieve better results.

For the latest news, please pay attention to the official websites of GA and HKLA.

Challenge Your Limits

Challenge Your Limits, Live110PRCNT.

Challenge Your Limits, Live110PRCNT.

Check out our interview with Hong Kong Lacrosse athlete Chan Hon Kei, who introduces a series of essential items to optimize his training.

Chan talked about his workout habits and important notes to better training, which is the key to realizing a 110 mindset.

2023 Hong Kong Lacrosse Open - 4 Days Highlights

To know more about Hong Kong Lacrosse, please visit the official website of Hong Kong Lacrosse Association:

掌上壓體能挑戰 | 國際超級棍網球六人賽-香港站 | Super Sixes - Hong Kong

今年是 Gym Aesthetics 第二年作為香港棍網球總會官方指定服裝贊助商。 GA很高興能夠參與Super Sixes - Hong Kong「國際超級棍網球六人賽-香港站」🥍,在比賽現場與來自世界各地的球迷和球員進行互動,觀看精彩的比賽。感謝參與GA掌上壓體能挑戰嘅各位😆,這是多麼美好的回憶和體驗。 期待在往後的棍網球賽事再次和你們見面。

Lacrosse Super Sixes Hong Kong - Player Interviews | 國際超級棍網球六人賽香港站 - 球員賽後專訪

We are excited to share with you an exclusive interview with some of the Hong Kong and German lacrosse players and coaches who participated in the Super Sixes Tournament in Hong Kong. They shared with us their insights and experiences on this new and exciting format of lacrosse, as well as their passion and love for the sport.

Event of HKLA

Event of HKLA

GYM AESTHETICS in 2023 Hong Kong Lacrosse Open


Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association

Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association (HKLA) is the governing body of lacrosse in Hong Kong.

HKLA is a member of World Lacrosse, Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union, as well as Sports Federation & Olympic Committee Hong Kong, China.

HKLA has a mission of developing lacrosse across the general community of Hong Kong, offering regular development programs to all genders and ages.

The association has grown rapidly in recent years, and regularly participates in global and regional tournaments. It has also held the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open and Super Sixes, which is one of the major tournaments in Asia.

With the association support, the Hong Kong Lacrosse Team has become a powerful team in Asia. 

Gym Aesthetics

Gym Aesthetics is a fashionable and dynamic German sports apparel brand that offers a variety of high-tech gears for every fitness and sports enthusiast.

Functional fashion is not only a way of dressing, but also an attitude towards life, encouraging you to pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle - Live 110PRCNT.

Gym Aesthetics is not only a clothing brand, but also a community of sports and fitness enthusiasts who love to "challenge the limits."

Our Beliefs in Lacrosse Development

With the acceptance of lacrosse into the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic, we believe that this sport will raise lots of interest and encourages youngsters to join and play in the coming future. It is a great opportunity to showcase lacrosse to the locals with lacrosse associations and communities.

We believe that HKLA and Gym Aesthetics share a common vision of helping people live better and promoting emerging sports. By sponsoring apparel for Hong Kong Lacrosse Team and lacrosse tournament, Gym Aesthetics hopes to support the development of lacrosse in Hong Kong with high-tech sportswear, as well as to inspire more people to embrace the benefits of physical activity and wellness.