GYM AESTHETICS is a fashionable and dynamic German fitness apparel brand which appeals to both the aesthetics and functional needs of its customers worldwide. GYM AESTHETICS is more than a sports fashion, it is always about lifestyle - a sporty attitude to life that feeds off fighting spirit, discipline, health, pride, self-presentation and a sense of belonging.




Our MISSION remains unchanged on the path of globalization, while focusing increasingly on innovative high-tech materials and designs to satisfy savvy customers. Going forward, we at GYM AESTHETICS strive to be the best of the best and channel our efforts in identifying any unmet market demands.

Our VISION is not only to become a sports fashion brand to be reckoned with, but also a synonym for complete fitness encompassing apparel, accessories for men and ladies, and an international network of reputable trainers offering online and offline training and coaching. In essence, GYM AESTHETICS is pioneering a breakthrough fitness management model aka the “Full Fitness Interactive Platform” enabling fitness ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYONE and ANYWAY (4AS).

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